Are TV Show Titles Italicized?

If you have been lucky enough to take a class in college that lets you use TV for a reference, then this article is for you. Likewise, if you are a blogger or someone who writes reviews of TV content, you probably want to know the answer to this question as well. There are many reasons that people are not aware of the rules surrounding this kind of citation, so no one should feel bad about this.

TV shows can be referenced in all kinds of writing, and you will want to know the rules about this kind of citation for future projects. Even if you made a mistake in the past, this article will tell you how to handle citations of TV show names in the future.

Do you Italicize TV Show Names?

TV show names are always italicized. The names of actors and the TV network will be capitalized if they are referenced, but they are never italicized. You will need to use this rule of thumb for all kinds of citations of TV shows when you are writing. Even in casual blogging, these rules should be followed.

If you are writing a note to a friend or typing out a text, you can, of course, forego this formality. There is no reason to follow these rules in very casual communication, but in the instance that your writing might be published, you need to italicize the names of the shows you reference.

The network names might not be mentioned in the work that you do, but if you are citing a source that you have mentioned by name in the rest of the text, you might need to indicate the station that owns the content. This is where the capitalization rule comes in handy.

Be aware that there are different standards for this kind of notation and citation in both MLA and APA citation styles. APA is more connected with the sciences, while MLA is more connected with humanities and liberal arts writing. For most kinds of journalism, APA will be the standard, but if you are blogging or writing more casually, the MLA style I the right choice.

Students are almost always asked to use MLA for their papers because this citation style is much more informal and easier to use and read. 

Citations of TV Show Names Require Italics 

No matter the reason for your use of TV show names in writing, you will need to be sure that you are citing the names correctly. Always italicize the names of TV shows and make sure that you know which kind of citation format to use as well. This kind of information is discussed all over in forums, and you might even be able to ask for advice if you are not sure about the rules related to your given kind of writing. Making sure that you cite the content that you are referring to is key so that it is clear to read and easy to understand.

This article was last updated on August 14, 2023 .

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