Can You Wear Branded Clothing On TV? (Answered)

Clothing is something we all have to wear each day and no matter where you go, you need some form of clothing. However, many people are wondering if can you wear branded clothing on TV. Since brands might want to have some form of compensation or it can be seen as free marketing, the debate is ongoing.

The answer to this question is that it depends. For most TV shows, the show would often enter a partnership with some clothing brand and this means that everyone on the show would wear branded clothing. Normally you can’t wear any branded clothing on the TV show as these brands want to protect their copyright.

How Does Clothing Work On TV?

When it comes to shooting a production of any film or show, the show would often have make-up artists and outfitters, who would often dress up the individuals and allow them to wear the clothing tied to the show. The clothing is often a paid partnership between the clothing brand and the show, giving the brand exclusive rights to dress up cast members.

However, guests might often arrive on talk shows and this is the case for someone like Dwayne Johnson. Johnson is the official ambassador for Under Armour, which means that the actor cannot be seen wearing any other brand. Due to this, the show would often strike a deal with the current brand and create a one-off.

Alternatively, the brand of the person might also pay to have their brand displayed on television. This would not only work the same as marketing but would endorse the brand to those watching. 

What Is Product Placement?

One of the most common terms you would hear in the entertainment industry is often called product placement. Product placement is when a show would intentionally have someone wear a brand as part of a paid partnership. In most cases, you don’t see any branded clothing being worn by individuals on these shows.

The idea is to encourage the followers of said actor to buy the clothing. In this situation, the clothing brand would pay for the show to ensure that the brand is being shown. However, this could potentially clash with personal brands. 

Trademark Laws

Clothing brands don’t have any copyright protection and it often comes down to trademarks. There are a few things to keep in mind when using the trademark of someone else. For instance, the villain in the show might need to wear brandless clothing, which means they don’t show the brand in a bad light. 

Another possible issue could be that brands may not want to compete with other brands on the same screen. For this reason, you often only see one brand being used for a show.


Getting to the point, we would certainly say that wearing branded clothing is permitted on TV. However, there are a few exceptions and trademark rules that often need to be followed. Let us know if you have ever bought something because your favorite actor wore it.

This article was last updated on November 29, 2022 .

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