Can TV Cause Autism in Babies? (Answered)

Many people want to know why autism happens in children. There are some links that seem to be connected, but there is just as much that is not known about this disorder. There are more children that are diagnosed with this health concern than you might realize. Knowing more about autism will help all of these children to get better care than ever.

Many parents wonder if there is a link between screen time and conditions like autism. There are many studies into the kinds of technologies or exposures that can cause autism. There have been some strong links between autism and screen time that might indicate that too much TV could increase the chances that children could get autism.

Is This a Known Fact?

There are no clear facts yet in the studies about screen time and children with autism. This is much like many of the other factors that are being explored related to autism. Social development and other kinds of social exposures have also been linked with autism, but not in a clear way.

What parents of autistic children need to know is that with so little information about how this condition shows up in children. Since there are so many variables related to autism, parents will need to be sure not to become paranoid about everything that they do with their young children. Limiting screen time is recommended for children of all ages, and babies are no different. 

Making sure that your kids are not glued to screens is always a good rule of thumb for parents. Whether or not watching TV is linked with autism in the future, you will still be glad that you kept your kids from watching too much TV when they were little. Kids can do other activities to have fun without having to watch a lot of TV.

Babies are not even visually prepared to watch TV while they are infants. Exposing your young child to screen time when they are barely developed enough to even view it can be bad for other aspects of their development as well. There are many reasons to limit screen time in very young children, which a doctor could inform you about.

TV Watching For Hours Each Day is Not a Good Idea

No matter how old a child is, the number of hours that your child watches TV can affect their development. There are many things that your child can do for entertainment besides watching TV. Babies should not be exposed to hours of screen time just for the sake of their vision and their physical development. Always lead on the advice of your doctor when it comes to screen time and babies.

This article was last updated on September 12, 2023 .

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