How Much TV is Too Much? (Answered)

The question of how much TV watching is too much has been in the minds of consumers who own TVs since TVs became common in people’s homes. There have been many opinions on this topic throughout the years, and new research is always being done into the potential side effects of watching TV for too many hours of each day. There is really no clear-cut answer to this question, and some of the determination about what is too much TV depends on your personal preferences.

As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t watch more than three and a half hours of TV a day.

How Many Hours of Tv Should You Watch?

Many studies have indicated that there is no actual number of hours that are considered appropriate for TV watching on a daily basis. Even in studies related to children, the answers vary per study. The best way to determine if you are watching too much TV is to consider other factors in your life. Are you getting the necessary things that you need to take care of completed? Is your TV watching interfering with your work? Do you have headaches or vision issues during the day after you watch TV?

These kinds of questions are more informative toward determining what is the right amount of TV time each day than any kind of rule about the hours you should watch television on a regular basis. Overall, TV should be something that you enjoy for fun, but it should not control your entire life. If you are giving up on taking care of essentials just to watch TV, you are probably sitting in front of the TV for too many hours every day.

Parents trying to guide their children’s TV watching will also need to look for indicators that their child is spending too much time watching television. Each child can be different and can have different needs. Always be mindful that your own unique experiences are probably more informative than the results of other people’s studies on TV time in their own homes. What is right for one child is probably not going to be a good fit for another, so don’t feel like you have to conform to the suggested TV-watching hours for other kids.

TV Watching Hours Should Not Overtake Your Entire Life

While it is inarguable that the TV can provide hours of entertainment and information to those who own one, you do need to be mindful that you cannot spend the entire day sitting in front of your TV. Be sure that you are getting up and moving around, getting some fresh air, or going outside for a walk at least once a day. Make sure that children are not struggling with social skills or schoolwork because they are watching too many hours of TV as well.

TV watching can be a very enjoyable part of your daily routine. You will need to make sure that you figure out your own TV-watching schedule for good health and emotional well-being.

This article was last updated on June 14, 2023 .

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