Can TV Cause ADHD? (Answered)

Many parents are concerned that too much TV time could hurt their children. There have been many studies done into the impact of TV watching on children ever since TV became a part of daily life.

The studies that have been done over the past ten years do not seem to indicate any link between ADHD and TV watching. There are other socio-economic and genetic links to ADHD that are being explored at this time, but TV watching has become less of a concern amongst the scientific community.

Parents have been worried about TV time for generations, and thousands of hours of study have gone into the question of how much TV time is too much for kids.

Can Too Much TV Be Bad for Kids?

There are many other questions surrounding the concept that TV might have a negative impact on kids. Even if TV watching doesn’t cause behavioral issues or ADHD, it might still impact a child’s sense of well-being and their health. Children should still be encouraged to play outside and spend time in person with other children their age rather than watching TV all day.

Schools now limit the amount of screen time that kids are exposed to during the school day, and phones are often taken away from kids until they are on recess or lunch break. This kind of limitation might help kids to connect with other children, make friends, and be more active. While the TV or your kid’s phone might not be bad for their health in a direct sense, the behaviors that are linked with spending lots of time in front of devices can be negative.

There is more study that needs to be done into the social impact of kids watching a lot of TV or spending a lot of time playing on their phones. For the moment, experts are not worried about TV watching so long as children are otherwise healthy and successful in school and in social settings. ADHD and other kinds of learning disabilities are not linked with specific activities and are, instead usually genetic or hereditary in nature.

TV Time is a Question of Parenting Preference

Most parents will have a different answer to the question of how much TV a kid should be allowed to watch. Lots of households still limit TV time, which might not be a bad thing if it gets kids more active and more social with other people their age. There are some educational benefits to TV watching, and kids from troubled homes might actually benefit from being able to learn and engage in healthy content through TV.

This question has been one of the most common concerns that parents have brought up since TV became part of daily life. There is likely no right answer when it comes to determining how much TV time kids should enjoy. However, parents can rest easy knowing that the TV will not be likely to cause behavioral issues or changes to a child’s brain, which can lead to ADHD.

This article was last updated on July 3, 2023 .

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