Can TV Screens be Repaired? (Answered)

If you have damaged your TV screen, you might be in a panic. Don’t get too riled up, though. Some TV screens can be repaired after they are damaged. You will need to consider the cost of these repairs, but if they are not too excessive, it might be worth fixing your TV.

TVs with scratches and other kinds of simple issues can often be repaired. Some kinds of damage, however, cannot be easily fixed. It is often too spendy to fix a TV that has suffered severe damage. You might just be better off getting a new TV if this is your situation.

What Kinds of Damage to TV Screens Can be Repaired?

LED TV screens are often the easiest and cheapest to repair. Most of the problems with these devices are usually related to things like pixels shutting off or problems with scratches on the screen. You can take out-of-warranty TVs to a repair shop and get an estimate of the cost to fix these issues. TVs with a warranty are often free to fix.

If you have an LCD TV, you might need to just get a new TV. These screens are hard to replace and often can be scratched or dinged. If your LCD TV has been damaged, you will need to be cautious about paying to repair anything major. You can usually just get a new TV for the same price.

Plasma TV screens cannot be repaired. The process that makes these screens work requires that they be undamaged and fully sealed. As soon as they are damaged, the gas that makes the screen work cannot do its job. In addition, it is almost impossible to find parts for these TVs these days. You can usually save money just by replacing this kind of TV with a new and more modern TV set.

Flat TVs are always easier to fix than other models. Always make sure that you call the warranty company no matter what kind of TV you have. Typically, your warranty will cover these kinds of repairs for a few years after you have bought the TV.

TVs Can Sometimes be Repaired 

If you are upset that your TV has been damaged, don’t worry! You might be able to fix it. If you have a warranty, this is the first part of the process of getting your TV repaired. Once you have exhausted this option, you can move on to independent shops if you wish. Make sure that you are not spending more money than the TV is worth on repairs. If you can get a new TV that is not damaged for the same price, it is worth it to just let your current TV go. Older TVs often cannot be repaired due to the scarcity of parts and functions of their screen components. 

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