Can TV Screen be Fixed? (Answered)

TV screens can sometimes be fixed. It often depends on the kind of TV you own. Each style of TV has its limitations with regard to fixing the damage. Some damage will always be too severe to be fixed, no matter how good you are at repairs.

If your TV is broken, you are probably panicked trying to figure out how to get it back to working again. Depending on the damage, this article might be a big help for you.

Fixing TV Screens

  • Cracked and Scratched Screens

If your TV just has a crack in the screen or a scratch, this is often the easiest fix. There are often warranties in place for this kind of repair from any TV company. If you bought used, however, you might not have access to this benefit. 

If you want to fix things like cracks and other kinds of scratches and lines, you can often take your TV to a basic TV repair shop. Many of the parts for flat-screen TVs are fairly interchangeable these days. This means that you can get the repairs that you need without breaking the bank.

If you want to try and fix these issues yourself at home, you will need to get a dry and clean eraser that has not been used. You will then rub over the crack until the spot feels smooth to the touch. This can help to cover the reflective nature of scratches and make them much less visible as you are watching TV.

  • Dead Pixels

This is a frequent problem with newer TVs. This happens when pixels get very bright or are not showing any light at all. In some cases, you can wrap a pencil or another narrow and dull object in a damp and soft cloth. You will then rub the pixels gently to wake them up. Don’t rub too hard, as you can damage your screen this way.

There is also software that can be used to cycle through the colors within the pixels. This can often “wake up” dead pixels without issue.

What About Plasma Screen TVs?

These TVs can also be fixed, but they will need to go to a repair shop if they are not under warranty. It might cost more than the TV when you bought it new, however. You might be wiser to just get a new TV rather than spending hundreds of dollars on repairs for one that is heavily damaged.

Repairing New TVs Can be Possible

While it is not as easy to repair newer TV technology, it is still possible to fix minor issues with a TV. Be sure that you ask how much these repairs will cost if you are working with a repair shop. It might not be worth your money to repair a TV. In some cases, you will be better off to just get a new TV for the same price. 

This article was last updated on August 8, 2023 .

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