Can a TV Lay Flat? (Answered)

If you need to move your TV with you or you want to store it, you might be wondering if you can lay it down flat. There are various reasons that you should not lay this kind of device down flat. We will go over them here. 

Make sure that you are very careful with any newer TV that you move from place to place or put in storage. These devices are easier to damage than you might think, and you should consider all TV sets fragile, even if they have held up to issues while they were hanging on the wall or on a TV stand.

Can a TV be Laid Flat?

TVs cannot be laid down flat for transport or safe-keeping. You will not want to do this because the vibrations of driving or the pressures of items that might bump against the TV in storage can break it. You will want to transport or store your TV upright, just like it would be when it is in use.

You will also want to consider keeping the original box for your device. This is a great way to make sure that your TV is not damaged as you move it or store it. It will also keep items from scratching the screen, which can ruin your TV as well. Storing your TV correctly is easier than you might think, and keeping the box is a pro tip to make this process easier.

Consider having a moving company take care of packing up things like your TV when you move. It can be tempting to just take your TV with you in your car, but it is actually more likely to be damaged using this method. The flexing of the screen that can be caused by leaning the TV against the seats of your car can be enough to cause damage to it without consideration for the vibration caused by driving along the road.

Moving companies can usually be trusted to tackle the job of getting TVs from place to place without damaging them. Just make sure that you are working with a skilled moving company and that you indicate that the TV is actually in the box that they are moving. Marking the box as fragile can also help to ensure that nothing heavy or large that could fall over will be placed near the TV in the moving van. If you are storing your TV on your own at your house, it will need to be kept cool and out of the wet as well.

TVs Can Break When Laid Flat

TVs can be easily broken when they are laid down flat. This is the last possible way that you should store a TV. Make sure that you are keeping the TV in an upright orientation when moving or when placing it in storage for best results. Your TV will be much more likely to be in great condition when you are ready to put it back into use if you use these tips before moving or storing your devices.

This article was last updated on August 18, 2023 .

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