How Many TVs Can Watch Netflix? (Answered)

It is no secret that streaming services limit the number of devices that can watch programming at the same time. This is one of the ways that these services can make more money from each member. You will want to know what the streaming limits are of any service that you choose to invest in.

Netflix is one of the most expensive of the streaming services, but they also offer some of the best programming that you can buy. You might want to have access to this streaming platform for everyone in your home.

How Many Devices Can Use a Netflix Account at Once?

There are various plan levels within Netflix. With the basic plan that most people get, you will only be able to stream to one device at a time. This is not very convenient for families or even couples, however.

With the upgrade to the standard plan, you can have two devices streaming content at the same time. If you go one step further, you can pick the premium plan and stream on up to four devices at once. The base account is $9.99, and the standard is $15.49 a month. The premium plan comes in at $19.99 a month. You will also be able to elect to use unlimited HD streaming with the two elevated plans.

This is not very generous for the price, but it can often be enough for larger groups of people sharing an account to get the access that they have been looking for. While the offerings on Netflix are superior to many other streaming services, this is not very generous. You might have better luck with streaming more devices on a single account with other streaming services.

It is always wise to shop around when it comes to this kind of consideration. It can also be worth it to pay for a couple of streaming services and just take turns watching TV shows. This can spread out the TV content that everyone in your home is watching and offer you the chance to get to watch TV at the same time. You will also be likely to save money using this method.

Netflix is a Very Good Streaming Service but Limits Use

There are many reasons to love Netflix, but it is not always the right choice for families or people who are trying to share an account. You might have better luck with other plans and services, although you will be unlikely to get access to all the content that Netflix can offer. If you think about all the shows that you can watch on this platform, the cost becomes far more reasonable and bearable. There are also no ads and a lot of other perks to choosing Netflix for your streaming service.

 While you will be limited to only four streams per household, you will find that this goes a long way with Netflix’s programming catalog. 

This article was last updated on August 8, 2023 .

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