What TV Apps Are Free? (Answered)

If you love to watch TV but don’t have the money to pay for a whole list of different subscriptions to watch your favorite shows, don’t worry! There are lots of ways that you can watch your favorite shows for free these days. Various apps offer TV for free if you are willing to watch some ads while you are enjoying the show that you love. This can be a great solution for those who love watching all kinds of shows and don’t want to pay for lots of different streaming services.

Free TV Apps to Enjoy

  1. Tubi

This is one of the best choices for access to a wide array of shows and movies. You will have to watch ads, but they are not usually a big part of the show enjoyment experience with this app. There are thousands of titles in the library on Tubi, and you will find many well-known classic options as well. This is one of the best selections for access to a reliable streaming app as well that can be used on any device.

  1. Pluto TV

This is a Viacom-owned app, and it offers a really good alternative to cable TV. There are many different options on this app, and you can enjoy offerings from Comedy Central as well as Nickelodeon, and more. There is no original content on this site but hours of TV to watch that has been syndicated or popularized on other networks. This app also works well on nearly any device.

  1. Crackle

This is a Sony-owned app in partnership with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, so you will enjoy access to a wide array of TV shows on this app. You can watch series all the way from start to finish, and the app works well on many different kinds of devices. There are ads, but they are not prohibitive or too invasive.

  1. NewsON

If you love watching the news but don’t want to pay for access to cable to get to check out what is going on in the world, this app is for you. You will find 118 news channels to engage with on this app, and you can keep up to date on what is going on in the world without any issues. Being able to access international news is a big perk of this app as well.

Watching TV Doesn’t Have to Cost Money

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on cable and barely scratching the surface of the channels that you are paying for because you want to use streaming services as well, then these apps are for you. You can save a lot of money every year using free TV or movie apps to get to see the shows and content that you like best. These apps offer reliable streaming in exchange for ad watching, and most people are happy to make that trade.

This article was last updated on June 14, 2023 .

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