How to Tell if Your Monitor is Dying (Answered)

If you have had a monitor for a while, you might think that you see some signs that it is not performing as it used to. These symptoms can be subtle at first and grow worse over time. You don’t want to replace your monitor too early, but what if the device seems to be on its last legs? Should you plan to wait until your monitor has actually given up the ghost to replace it? Knowing more about how to tell if your monitor is dying can help you to recognize when there is a need to replace your monitor device or devices.

The short answer is that if your monitor is dying, you may notice symptoms such as flickering or dimming of the screen, distorted or discolored images, or a complete loss of display. Other signs may include strange noises coming from the monitor or a burning smell. If you suspect your monitor is dying, it’s best to seek professional assistance or replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Signs That Your Monitor is Dying

Blurry or Fuzzy Resolution

If the resolution on your screen just doesn’t seem to be clear anymore of things that look distorted or strange, it could mean that your monitor is dying slowly. This can be caused by a lot of different things, but the long and short of the issue is usually that the monitor is not performing as it used to and will soon be useless to you.

The Colors Are Not Right

One of the first signs that your monitor is not healthy anymore is that the colors might be off. This is usually because the display panel is going bad, and the full range of colors can no longer be displayed. The display panel can degrade over time, and this can lead to a lack of color fidelity that you are seeing.

Flickering Screen

Some monitors will start to flicker as they begin to go bad. This might happen in short little bursts or be fairly consistent when the monitor is turned on. This issue can be really hard on your eyes and can even give you headaches and eye strain. 

Slow Response Time

This can be a really frustrating issue, but it is quite common in monitors that are going bad. Your mouse might seem to lag or go right by things you are trying to click on, or the screen just might not be responsive in general. You could easily think this is an issue with the PC itself, but it can be the screen causing this problem.

Monitors Age And Can Need to be Replaced

Your monitor might last for up to ten or twelve years, but there is a tipping point when it’s time for a new monitor. Make sure that you get a new monitor ordered if yours is showing these signs of aging. This will prevent you from being without a monitor device when you really need one.

This article was last updated on May 3, 2023 .

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