What is 1440×900 Resolution? (Answered)

If you are looking for ways to improve your work hours or your gaming time, you might be looking at new monitors. You might not be sure what the resolution indicators mean for these devices. Once upon a time, there were not as many options for different resolutions on the market, so the resolution can be perplexing if you are not used to thinking about this variable when shopping.

The 1440×900 resolution setting is the most common design for monitors. This is the best desktop resolution for basic use. This means that this is a great setting for clarity and color, and performance but that it might not be a high enough resolution for gaming or graphic design. You will probably find that you will struggle with 1080p videos on this kind of display, for example.

How Big is a 1440×900 Screen?

The size of the screen is not impacted by the resolution indicator. Your laptop or monitor might measure any variety of different measurements from corner to corner and still have this resolution. This is one of the things that confuses many people who think that a larger screen will automatically have better resolution. This is not the case, and the size of the screen is not linked with the performance of the screen.

You will need to look at a higher resolution number if you want to be able to get the maximum performance from your machine. A high-resolution screen can also come in many different sizes, so the size of the device will not impact the quality of the display at all. You can get a laptop with a high-quality and high-resolution screen or a large monitor with the same performance capabilities.

Screen resolution is measured in pixels. The number that you see when you are looking at the resolution information is the pixel number in each direction of the screen. This is why you will not have to worry about the size of the screen so much as the pixel count when looking for a higher-resolution experience.

Screen Resolution Can Impact Performance

If you are looking for a basic resolution monitor or laptop screen, then 1440×900 is a great choice for your needs. This is a reasonably high-performing resolution, and you will be able to enjoy most of your online streaming, browsing, and work tasks with ease when you choose this resolution. If you are looking for a higher resolution screen, you will need to look at a monitor that offers more pixels than the basic amount.

This is not going to impact the size of the screen at all, so you can get a laptop or a huge monitor with the same resolution for your needs. You will want to look at resolution rather than screen size in some instances to be sure that you are getting just exactly what you need from your monitor purchase. When looking to upgrade your current experience, you will need to be sure that you are looking past the standard pixel number for your new devices.

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