Dell Ultrasharp UP3218 32-Inch 8K Monitor Review

Dell never plays around. Their monitors and innovations are always high-end, top-notch and all the fancy you can think of when they bring something new to the table. The UP321 32-Inch 8K monitor is a symbol of that since it is the first 8k 32-Inch monitor on the market, so again Dell gets all the pioneer glory.

If you are a fan of the PC master race movement and you are always looking for the high-end products, which cost a pretty penny, follow us through the review because this might be your next big purchase.

Key Features of the Dell UP321 8K Monitor

Screen Size32”
Resolution 7680 x 4320 8K
Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Response Time6Ms
Dell UP321 8K Monitor Specs
  • 8K resolution. The first company to come out with a new product ahead of their time in the new generation, just as when 4k resolution came out. A 32-inch monitor with 33 megapixels is not something you get every day.
  • 100% Adobe RGB color support to let you all design and editor freaks run wild with any premium image development software you pick
  • Fantastic color and viewing angles. You cannot get any better than the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218 8K right now when the name of the game is viewing angles and clean colors for the best picture you can experience on your PC monitor.
  • Infinite display. The bezels being so thin, combined with the Dell Infinity Edge screen, makes for a limitless experience
  • Fantastic connectivity and orientation options. The stand can switch orientation at will, height adjustability is effortless, and tilting is just as easy. All angles are available with this professional display.

Review of the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218 8K Monitor

Dell is no newcomer when it comes to developing technology and this monitor is their way of saying “If you want to make a statement, this is it”. The most powerful monitor display built so far, equipped with the greatest features, also rocking the price of a full power-gaming computer, is here to be reviewed and to set the standard for generations to come, so let us look through what this product has to offer.


Design-wise Dell has knocked it out of the park with this premium product. Sleek is an understatement. The endless display style with the thin bezels is just one of the bells and whistles. The stand is matte, firm, clean, and easy to adjust.

The VESA mount included allows for a great option for multiple monitor setup and the portrait orientation option as well as the outstanding viewing angles make sure you can adjust this high-end monitor to any sort of your liking. A loop through the stand guarantees easy cable management as you would need one or two to make the most out of this beast of a monitor.



We could say that this is the first 8K resolution one out there and be done with it, but let us look through a few more features.

The IPS professional panel of this monitor is by far one of the best on the market. 100% sRGB color gamut, a 100% Adobe RGB one, and 98% of the DCI-P3 colors, this makes for a spectacular professional display for any color task you can think of. Clean immaculate colors follow you through every task day today.

The best pixels you could find. As a 32-inch display, this monitor is a trailblazer for how monitors should be presented to the public and give them the best their money can buy. The depths of the blacks and the whitest of the brights are more than exceptional. Editing videos, preprinting articles, correcting photos, playing games like a maniac on your PC, there is not a single thing this monitor cannot offer you for an all inexperience.



It is not easy to enjoy 33 billion pixels by today’s standards but the UP3218 has its ways of making it happen. With double display ports, you are definitely going to need a powerful graphics card to enjoy this display full force and an audio line-in is also available for all headphone lovers.

Additional Features


This monitor literally bleeds functionality and reliability. With the ComfortView feature, the monitor reduces the strain to your eyes, lowering blue light emissions, which we know, can make for a bad day once we’ve stared too much into the screen.

There are more than a few Display Ports, extra line-out, and connectivity options to go around even for one monitor to serve all your daily professional needs.

What We Liked About the Dell UP3218

  • Design. The design of this high-end monitor is just as glorious as its price. Top of the line endless display, sleek and clean, with a borderless look you can enjoy daily.
  • Astonishing colors. The color gamut on this monitor is by far one of the, if not the best, on the market today.
  • Fantastic orientation and maneuverability of the panel, easily adaptable to your preference activity – coding, gaming, movie, preprint, photo editing, etc.
  • Ridiculous gaming compatibility. You would think that a 60Hz 6Ms refresh rate 8K display would not par up to other 32 inch monitors where gaming might be key, but this display can deliver a stunning gaming experience for casual gamers who are not on the competitive scene.

What We Didn’t Like About the Dell UP3218

  • Price, price, price. Who would enjoy spending as much on a 32-inch monitor as on a high-end computer build? This product is ahead of its time true, however, there are not many who would consider the purchase over a full PC build which would last them another 5+ years, by which time, these displays would be worth pocket change.
  • Even though it can be used for gaming, it is not really a gaming-oriented monitor. Compared to the Asus ROG SWIFT PG27UQ which has Gsync support and can run 144Hz at 4k resolution for less than half the price, one would start to wonder if this monitor, or a more affordable 24-inch monitor, is worth it at this time.
  • You really need a powerful graphics card and a double cable connection to it in order to experience 33 megapixels over every 60 frames per second. Considering this, not many builds can run it with ease.

Would I Buy a Dell Monitor?

Yes, I would definitely purchase a Dell monitor if I were looking for a strong foundation of technology, useful features, and a user-friendly integration. Speaking of displays this is as high as you can go on the price tag meter and you should really consider what you are looking for on the monitor market before buying.

The UP3218 is a magnificent display with vibrant colors, which is going to serve you many years into the future, but do not make the mistake of purchasing this product without having the proper hardware to back it up.


More of a top-of-the-line display for professionals than a gaming display, the Dell UP3218 is sure to make an impact in anyone’s life if they decide to invest in such a product.

This is an immaculate monitor with fantastic functions and way ahead of its time because we have reached the point where our computers are not advanced enough to enjoy the full potential of this monitor, unlike when the monitor was too bad to show us what our high-end computer can run. Either way, if you are a member of the PC master race and want bragging rights, this display is the one to go with.

This article was last updated on July 8, 2021 .

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