What Is G-Sync and What Does It Do? (Answered)

Nvidia G-Sync is a new and revolutionary display technology found in PC monitors, laptops, and television systems. The idea is to help players, who play fast-paced games reduce possible stuttering. The system works best when connected to Nvidia graphics cards, which often include third-party options as well.

The G-Sync system was originally designed back in 2013 and the main goal was to outperform the rival AMD FreeSync system. However, more and more people are wondering what is G-sync and whether it is something worth investing in.

In helping you better understand G-Sync, we have broken down the system and done some research to get to know the inner workings. Through this, we could learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of the system. This would enable you to see whether the system would work best for you.

What Does G-Sync Do?

G-Sync is designed to work as a groundbreaking new technology that helps to create a smoother display and improve the gaming performance of the player. The idea is to synchronize the display refresh rates with those of the GPU.

Once you can achieve this, you are essentially eliminating any screen tearing and stutter, which also affects the input lag. From what we have seen, G-Sync can help to make images sharper and give a better visual display for gamers.

G-Sync vs G-Sync Ultimate vs G-Sync Compatible

Nowadays, you get three different versions of G-Sync. G-Sync Ultimate and G-Sync Compatible are two of the newer additions. To understand some of these differences, here is what you can expect when you have any of these:


The original version is the standard option and will provide you with most of the basic features that make the setup work best. It is not the cheapest form of G-Sync, but the most common you find.

G-Sync Ultimate

If you have an HDR monitor, you should consider the G-Sync ultimate, which is one of the newer versions and offers a few additional benefits. If you want to have the ultimate level of display, here is what G-Sync Ultimate can offer:

  • DCI-P3 color coverage
  • 1,000 nits brightness
  • The high refresh rate on max resolution

Bear in mind that G-Sync Ultimate works best on advanced processors and will enable you to easily see the best resolution. The only downside is that it is the most expensive of the different options.

G-Sync Compatible

G-Sync Compatible is the cheapest of the lot and does not offer the same level of features that many of the others do. There are a few things that you cannot do with this format, which is only possible with some of the higher-end options. A few things you cannot do with the Compatible version include the following.

  • Overclocking
  • Ultra-low motion blur
  • Variable overdrive

Unfortunately, only a few monitors are compatible with the G-Sync version and this might mean that you should buy a different option.


Overall, G-Sync is one of the best ways to improve your gaming experience and you ought to find numerous great benefits with using this system. Extreme gamers will notice a massive increase in the performance of their systems when using the G-Sync setup.

This article was last updated on December 28, 2022 .

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