What Is Monitor Vignetting? (Answered)

Many display systems might eventually display brighter images in the middle, while the outer edges are dimmer than what you would find in the center. The concept is referred to as monitor vignetting and this can be frustrating for many games when they need to use the full-screen capacity of the display system to play games. 

Monitor vignetting is often related to the design of the monitor and since these systems have an intricate and complex design, it is hard to create color and brightness uniformity in the system. This often causes frustrating vignetting and many people would need to replace the monitor or have a professional fix the system.

Since this is such a widespread issue, we believe it is important that we dive deeper and look at why it happens. We will also try to assist you in finding solutions for the problem, but it is often something you might need professionals to help you with.

Color And Brightness Uniformity

To give you an idea of how monitor vignetting appears, we should look at the color and brightness uniformity of the system. However, we should look at each of these concepts to help you understand what happens when you have these discrepancies in color and brightness.

Color Uniformity

Color uniformity refers to how the color is spread through the screen. Unfortunately, there is a starting point, which often comes up as red when displayed on a white screen. This represents the 6500K white point and the other points would have different deviations that we would refer to as color.

Brightness Uniformity

Brightness uniformity often starts at the center and this is where you would see the best possible brightness. However, the brightness is not spread evenly throughout the screen and you often see areas that are between 8 and 15% less bright on the sides. This is where brightness uniformity comes in and it is impossible to have the perfect overall brightness.

Can You Fix Monitor Vignetting/Screen Uniformity?

Unfortunately, there is no known way that you can fix this other than having uniformity compensation technology at your disposal. The great thing about modern high-end monitors is that they can offer you uniform compensation. However, this makes it far more expensive, but your brightness should be relatively evenly spread through the display.

The downside is that many entry-level monitors do not have this feature and you might need some skills or have a professional assist you with installing such technology. The upside to all this is that you won’t notice this issue unless you specifically look for it. 


Monitor vignetting is something we all have to deal with when we have a PC and need to use the overall display. However, the issue is hardly ever noticeable and unless you have a clear screen with a specific image, you might not see it. Let us know in the comment section how you deal with monitor vignetting.

This article was last updated on October 25, 2022 .

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