What is the Salary of a TV News Anchor? (Answered)

If you have ever wondered what people make you announce for the news, you might be surprised. Most people either over or under-estimate what news anchors make. This can be because of the glamor associated with the job, but it can also be because people are not aware of how TV shows pay in general.

News anchors are critical to the function of a new network, but there are many other people who are more important. While the anchor might be paid to be a talent and the face of the network, there are many other people who might actually make more at a new network.

What do News Anchors Make?

News anchors, as a whole, make an average of $64,000. This can be much higher at a national network or much lower at a local new network. People who present the weather might be paid much less, and the same goes for those who present local news that is directly related to something specific, like sports.

Celebrity anchors can be paid significantly more than regular news anchors on other networks. There are many variables to this kind of job’s pay scale, and having an agent as well as prior experience can have a big impact on the amount that an anchor might be paid. For those who are looking for jobs of this kind, they are not easy to snag, and it can take years to get a news anchor job.

New anchors are also not usually paid as well as other TV personalities, which might make this less of an attractive goal than other kinds of TV jobs. There is also a lot of stress associated with the job, and some people don’t even have this kind of variable in their daily work experience.

What Skills Do News Anchors Need?

News anchors need to have good communication skills as well as public speaking skills. Having a journalism degree can be a plus but is often not required. This is more of a performance-based job than a news experience-based job. 

Candidates with experience in film and video editing might be preferred for these jobs as well. The more skills related to TV production that someone has, the better in most cases. However, having worked in a newsroom in the past might not be required. Even public speaking credentials can be more important than news-specific skills.

Most news anchors start out as morning anchors and work their way up the ranks to be an evening anchor or a main anchor for their own shows. Pundits are another possible avenue to work in this industry, but these people will not work at one specific network in most cases. There can be benefits to each job role, and pundits are often very well paid among anchors and new personalities.

News Anchors Make A Good Income

News anchors can make a very good living, but most anchors are not well paid compared to other jobs. This career path requires that people work up from the ground floor as well. It can take years to get into this job role, and the position is not for the faint of heart, either. 

This article was last updated on September 12, 2023 .

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