Will a TV Fit in My Car? (Answered)

Buying a new TV can be really exciting, but then you have the dilemma of getting the new TV to your home. You might also be moving and want to take your TV with you rather than paying someone to move it with your furniture. TVs have not gotten any smaller over the last fifteen years, which can cause issues when it comes to moving them from place to place.

If you have a really small car, nearly every normal-sized TV will not fit into your car. However, if you have a larger vehicle, you should have no trouble transporting a TV from place to place. There are some ways that you can be sure if your TV will fit into your car so that you are not planning on moving it with your vehicle only to find out that you cannot.

Measure the Inside of Your Car

If you are not sure if the inside of your car can fit your TV, you will need to measure the storage area of your car. Flip down the seats and make sure that you are measuring the space with the configuration in place that will be ideal for the TV to fit. You will easily be able to tell if your TV will fit into the car using this simple preparatory step.

You should also consider that you might be able to tilt the TV and place it at an angle inside your car. However, if you are going to use this method of transport, you will need to be sure to support the TV properly so that you are not flexing it. You can break the screen by tilting a smart TV or modern TV without support under it. 

You should never consider transporting your TV on top of your car, and you should be very cautious about transporting it in the bed of a pickup truck or in a trailer of any kind. Protection is key to transporting a TV without causing it harm. Making sure to use the right storage and support methods is always essential if you want your TV to be in good shape when you arrive at your new location.

TVs Might Fit Into Larger Cars

If you need to move a TV from one place to another, you might be able to fit that TV into a larger car. As a rule of thumb, you will probably have trouble fitting any modern TV into a very small car. It might be a good plan to have a friend with a larger vehicle help you to move your TV if you are worried that you will not be able to fit it into your own vehicle. This is a common issue, and it is not worth damaging your TV trying to force it to fit into a small car.

This article was last updated on September 12, 2023 .

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