What TV Channel is the French Open On? (Answered)

If you love the French Open, you probably plan on watching it every year. Things have changed a lot with regard to TV in the last ten years. You can watch shows on a lot of different TV outlets, and you don’t usually have to wait for live TV to see the things that you want to enjoy. 

If you want to watch a specific show, you will always have more than one TV streaming service that you can use to enjoy this option. You might also want to enjoy live TV as well as streaming services to enjoy the French Open. 

TV Channels You Can Watch the French Open On

When you want to watch the French Open, you can elect to watch it on NBC Sports. You will have access to live programming with NBC throughout the event. If you want to enjoy a streaming service option instead, you can stream on NBC as well.

The Tennis Channel also offers access to this event, and you can use Peacock to view the French Open as well. Eurosport, Discovery +, and a variety of other streaming services typically also offer access to the French Open event. Those who love tennis might actually use all of these options to make the most of their enjoyment of this event. So much history is made at the French Open each year that you won’t want to miss a single match.

Streaming services are often very affordable these days, and you can usually get a subscription just for a month at a time to enjoy a specific event like the French Open. There are also sometimes deals that give you access to a couple of streaming services for a deal so that you can engage with specific sporting events.

Always check out the deals and the details of your subscription plan before you sign up. You might be able to get a better deal using a different subscription, and you might also want to be sure that you are not inadvertently signing up for more months of a subscription than you need to.

Watching Sporting Events Is Easier Than Ever

With streaming services entering the picture, it has never been easier to get to watch the things that you love to enjoy. You will have a whole host of options when it comes to streaming a live event if you don’t want to have to be available to watch TV live throughout an entire history-making sports event. It costs so little to sign up for these services these days as well that you will have no trouble affording these options so that you can watch every moment of the French Open each year.

This article was last updated on August 28, 2023 .

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