What TV Shows Are on Apple TV? (Answered)

Apple TV is one of the best streaming services around. You will have access to all kinds of movies and shows, and Apple creates some of the most amazing content just for enjoyment by Apple TV members only. Shows can range from baking and reality shows to dramas, to teen programming.

Apple TV is a great choice for those who love to watch TV on the go as well. If you have an Apple device, you will get access to all the best features of Apple TV with ease. Being without something to watch when you are bored is impossible if you have Apple TV or another Apple device.

Shows That Are on Apple TV

In the drama category, you will have access to cool shows like Foundation and The Afterparty. If you love chaotic best friends-style content, you will love Platonic. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne make this show a ton of fun and keep things moving one laugh at a time.

For those who love musicals, there is Schmigadoon! This is a magical and fun musical event, and you will have a lot of fun engaging with this romp of old-timey fun. Another musical romp that is a ton of fun is Spirited, which stars Will Ferrel and Ryan Reynolds. This Christmas special is a ton of fun and very inspired if you are looking for a new Christmas classic to enjoy.

Sports lovers and those who love dramas also rave about Ted Lasso. This is easily one of the best original pieces that Apple TV has ever produced, and many people come to Apple TV just to watch this special bit of comedic and heartfelt dramatic work.

There is even a category that Apple TV states is for those who love complaining. This is The Reluctant Traveler With Eugen Levy. Irreverent and fun content like this is common on Apple TV, and if you love offbeat humor and funny situations, there are many shows that will fulfill this preference as well.

Another masterpiece from the creators of Ted Lasso is Shrinking. This is another sports-focused drama that features the talents of Jason Segel and Harrison Ford. This is another big attraction to the platform, and you could easily make this your gateway to the platform to see what it’s all about.

Apple TV Shows Are Entertaining, and Special

Apple TV is one of the best streaming services that you can invest in for your entertainment hours. You will find everything from drama to comedic content to reality TV that is unique to the platform. You will also find familiar favorites that are offered on the platform alongside the original content. This is a great option for Apple product users, but everyone can take part in the experience of streaming with this great service.

This article was last updated on August 18, 2023 .

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