ASUS MB168B+ FHD USB Powered Portable Monitor Review

With technology constantly moving forward, portable devices have come a long way. We used to think laptops were a thing of the future but now portable monitors have improved so much during the last couple of years that they have become a staple of a traveling businessperson, gamer or anyone wishing to have access to more displays while working or in need of sharing some information along the way.

Has it ever felt awkward trying to share your screen in a meeting with someone and asking them to scoot over to show them your laptop monitor? Did you ever wish you could just have another display to spread some tabs around and improve your way of tackling tasks at work?

Alternatively, have you ever thought about going to a convention or an e-sports event and want to play some games with friends and acquaintances without having to bust out your whole laptop?

Portable monitors have come a long way and today we are bringing you one of the best products out there. This article will ensure that you know what are the key features that make a great portable display so handy at all times and for all purposes.

Features of The Asus MB169B+ Portable Monitor

Panel TypeIPS
Response Time11ms
ASUS MB168B+ Portable Monitor Specs
  • The main feature of this portable monitor is its sleek and thin design. One of the thinnest available on the market today
  • The monitor offers an easy way to extend your display and tackle your daily tasks wherever you are
  • IPS panel type provides the best viewing angles and outstanding colors
  • This display only needs a USB connection to your device in order to charge and to function. No additional cables laying around
  • Full HD 1080p display resolution
  • Case and sleeve easily adjustable to all your needs
  • Blue Light Filter is Asus’s way of protecting your eyes from too much strain while you work, reducing the blue light from the monitor, and keeping your eyes safe.
  • The auto-rotate feature quickly switches between landscape and portrait view depending on how you want to view the picture on the monitor
  • Additional brightness control is also available on the side of the panel.

Review of the ASUS MB168B+ Portable Monitor


With all the features listed, let us look further into what Asus’s slimmest portable display offers. Going through them, one by one, we are going to make sure this display does the job it claims and would help you in your daily travels and business meetings when a portable monitor is needed.


This is by far one of the high points of this product. The ultra-slim design, as slim as a pencil, just screams portability. If you ever consider a portable monitor and bulkiness ticks you off – look no further. Moreover, the display is as light as a feather, so fitting it in your laptop backpack and not feeling it any heavier is certainly a big plus.


With its 1080p IPS display, there is a reason this ASUS monitor is one of the best portable displays. This panel type offers the best viewing angles. Never again will you need to scoot people over to you in a casual meeting or neglect someone watching from the side. Wherever you take this monitor, your interlocutors will see exactly what you do when you extend your laptop monitor to this one.


The Asus portable monitor comes with an EZ stand, which can be adjusted to your needs and can be made to face any direction you like. With the addition of the smart auto-rotate feature, the screen can easily switch between landscape and portrait orientation, with the sleeve being just as easily adjusted to help the monitor stand.

Additional Features

Eyecare is one of the great extra features of this Asus portable monitor. Blue Light Filter is Asus’s way of protecting the users’ eyes from too much strain from continuous work and staring at the picture.

Pros and Cons of the Asus MB169B+ Portable Monitor


The Good

  • It is the thinnest display on the market today
  • Viewing angles are fantastic
  • Easy to connect and light to carry around along with your laptop
  • IPS panel offers the best colors out of all the panel types
  • Auto-rotate feature to automatically switch between landscape and portrait views
  • Easy USB 3.0 connectivity without any other cables necessary
  • Great sleek sleeve stand which fits all your needs

The Bad

  • Auto-rotate does not really work as intuitively as we thought
  • You will definitely need your laptop charger because this display eats battery like crazy
  • Not the best portable display for gaming with a friend
  • You might encounter connectivity issues if you are looking to use it with any tablet or 2-in-1 type of laptop. Does not work with all products.

Would I Buy an Asus Portable Monitor

Short answer – Yes. Asus has come a long way with developing new technology and even when sometimes one product does not come out as perfect as they intend, it is still better than most equivalents on the market. If not that, the company always has multiple focuses on their products so they always have the edge in at least one of the features.

This is a very convenient portable monitor, light and slim, with a sleek design. Anyone looking to work on the go or simply be more productive with more surface area when they go to the library, office, favorite coffee shop or the airport between flights, this is the monitor for you.

At the end of the day, we are talking about the optimization of the work process while staying light. You certainly would not need a portable display if you already have a multiple monitor setup at the office or at home and use your laptop on occasion.

However, it is certainly a useful product for the presenters and coffee or lounge meetings where you do not want this awkward situation where you want to show your project and start scooting over to your client or partner. Much easier to whip out the extra monitor plug it in and turn it towards the other person or group of people.

Final Thoughts

The Asus MB169B+ can be a very useful tool in the hands of those who need it. Portable monitors still have a long way to go in order to be a necessity in everyone’s arsenal of technology and gadgets but, as it stands now, this portable display is a great competitor among the other pricier or lower quality options.

This article was last updated on July 8, 2021 .

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