The 5 Best 32 Inch Smarts TVs

Technology is always evolving and we can see the progress and development all around us. TV sets are no exception to the rule. Television takes a significant part in the lives of many families and most people would be looking for a combination of quality, price, and features when on the market for a new display.

Back in the day, 32-inch TV sets were considered to be top of the line and some of the biggest screens you could get. In the last few years, however, we use them mostly as side displays in our kitchens, garages, bathrooms, and workstations.

This being said, it does not mean there are not great 32-inch smart TVs you can get your hands on. They are convenient and can fulfill any need, be it watching the game in the kitchen, while making a sandwich, or not missing a key moment of a competition you follow while taking a shower.

The 5 Best 32-Inch Smarts TVs:

We have comprised a list of the 5 best 32- inch TVs you can purchase today to improve your viewing experience at work or at home.

1. VIZIO D32F – F1 32-Inch 1080p Smart TV

Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate60Hz
ConnectivityBuilt-in Wi-Fi
VIZIO D32F – F1 32-Inch Smart FHD LED TV Specs

The Vizio 32-inch smart TV D series is a great example of price to quality ratio while bringing the old with the new. This smart TV is exceptional at what it offers. Let us elaborate – not many TV sets nowadays come with every single connection you need.

It has the old TV antenna jacks, the red white and yellow lines available for non-SCART connectivity, perfect for the Xbox 360 users who want to plug their original cables on the TV and not use the HDMI.

This television set also has Ethernet connectivity, HDMI ports, an optical port and pretty much the only feature it is missing is a memory card slot. One low point to this product is its slow boot-up time, so you would have to wait a good few seconds before it starts up, but at this great a price, it is a small nuisance for a great HDTV SMART TV.

This full-array LED backlight TV delivers great picture quality and you can watch whatever you want whenever you want without any troubles.

2. Samsung UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate60Hz
ConnectivityBuilt-in Wi-Fi
Samsung UN32M5300A 32-Inch Smart LED TV Specs

Yet another great choice coming at a higher price because of the brand name, this Samsung 32-inch TV has many extras it brings to the table. Samsung’s operating system Tizen Smart is very intuitive and easy to use for everyone, so there are plenty of apps as well as functions you can use on your TV to make the experience even better.

A considerable disadvantage of this LED display is the lack of multiple available ports as it has only two HDMI ports and they might not fit all devices you would want to connect to the unit.

That said, 32-inch televisions are not meant for too much connectivity nowadays as people mostly use them as additional TVs in their spare rooms or as gaming displays, which rarely need more than the 2 HDMI ports given. With Samsung’s solid reputation for manufacturing great TVs and their top place in the 32-inch niche, this is one rather pricey for its size display.

Nevertheless, it is sure to deliver an outstanding viewing experience regardless of what task you put it to – whether it is a video on demand, live TV, checking various apps, or social media – everything is a few clicks away.

3. TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate120Hz
TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV Specs

TCL has really stepped up their game. The 32-inch ROKU smart TV does deliver on what it claims. Are you looking for connectivity? You got it. Are you interested in streaming through an excellent system and software? You got it.

At the price this TV comes, you are way ahead of the competition just at the refresh rate door. The TCL’s colors are more vibrant and it provides exceptional HD quality and smooth connectivity through your Wi-Fi connection, so you can binge-watch your favorite show when you feel like it.

Of course, like any other small budget size display, the audio is not outstanding. Nevertheless, unlike most displays on the market, the sound does not curve or crackle as much when you crank the volume up. Furthermore, you can always connect external speakers to upgrade the experience.

Connectivity to Alexa and Google Assistant are there at your disposal if you feel like delegating some tasks to your TV before you relax in front of it. In addition, smart functionality offers access to streaming channels featuring TV shows and movies, courtesy of Roku TV.

The display’s menu is user-friendly and you will enjoy the easy navigation experience. Fast-moving action and wonderful quality pictures are within your reach with this great value TV set.

4. LG 32LJ550M 32 720p Smart LED TV

Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate60Hz
LG 32LJ550M 32 720p Smart LED TV Specs

LG has always been a company, which strived for perfecting the users’ experience with their displays, and this 32-Inch LED TV is no different. Even though it is a 720p TV, the LJ550M will make you more than happy if you are looking for a daily buzz feed, while going about your business.

The operating system is LG’s Web OS, which gives you access to all your favorite apps like HBO GO or NETFLIX and many mobile apps, so you can enjoy your favorite sports and shows whenever you like. The Wi-Fi connectivity also comes in handy when you want to check out a program directly from the Internet.

Even though the display is 60Hz, it brings out fantastic colors as well as deep blacks and bright whites, which guarantees you can fully enjoy every spectrum and vibrancy of the movies and shows you decide to watch.

Courtesy of the backlit panel of the TV side kicked by local zone dimming, this LG Smart LED TV makes sure that in every scene, the dark parts stay dark and the bright parts stay bright. Whether it is gaming on your console, watching TV while cooking, or even looking for some background noise, this product is a pleaser even for more demanding users.

5. Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU 32-Inch 720p Smart TV

Display TypeLCD
Refresh Rate50Hz
Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU 32-Inch Smart TV Specs

We cannot have a list of TV sets without a Sony model in it, so last but not least, we have the Bravia KDL32WE613BU. Do not let the specifications fool you because for the hefty price you would have to pay for this TV you are getting more than enough.

Even though the resolution is 720p, the display is HD ready, which means you can rock out any 1080p movie on it and enjoy the fruits of the awesome resolution as well as the colors of the LCD panel.

One can argue that the refresh rate at 50Hz is low but it can be brought up to 60 Hz at 1080p and with Sony’s Motionflow XR you can enhance your viewing experience and enjoy a much better picture with more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, and brighter whites as well as even smoother movie scenes.

Another key feature for this TV set is that you can have a hard drive connected to it and program the display to record anything you want at any point, so you can watch it later.

The design is sleek, the controls and menus are intuitive, as always with Sony, and at the end of the day, if you are looking to pay a bit extra for a special experience, the Sony Bravia definitely is the product to go with.

What To Consider When Buying a 32-inch TV

In the guide so far, we have covered just a few of many products available on the market and buying a 32-inch television should not be too hard a task. Then again, you would also want to know what would work best for your needs, so below we have provided a list and additional guidance on some of the features you would want to explore when you are browsing through all the options for a 32-inch TV set.


Given the fact we live in the constantly evolving technology era, the resolution is key when you do not want to be constantly investing in upgrades. Even though the 4K resolution is a big deal right now, you do not really need this kind of quality for a display, which will not be your main source for your daily viewing of movies, sports, streaming services, and applications.

TV sets with 720p and Full HD have plenty of good qualities for these because they are small enough to give a crystal pixel-perfect picture at these resolutions and deliver a fantastic viewing experience. Adding to that they will not cost as much as the heavy hitters in the category.

Also, look for TVs that support HDR. Even though HDR is mostly found in monitors and is not indicative of resolution, the technique does have a big effect on the quality of the image.


Connectivity is key with the smaller TVs because you would probably often want to plug in a side device. Be it a console for gaming, an external soundbar for improved audio or a hard drive, full of fun music or videos to enjoy.

With external connection options, it is the more, the merrier, so you have the option of adding additional devices to your display. Alternatively, you can purchase a hub with multiple ports – USB, HDMI, SD, Micro SD, etc.


Sound is really an issue when it comes to smaller size displays because they cannot pack too much of a punch in the small flat panels they are produced in. You can get fantastic 32-inch TVs with outstanding sound but they would usually cost more than getting a decent TV and a soundbar to go with it.

Many of the companies who produce excellent TVs also have soundbars to match them, so in most cases, you can invest in a great 32- inch TV for the picture and add in some more to buy a quality soundbar to complete the set.


When we talk about design, it really is a crucial part of the smaller size TVs’ choice. Whether you want to place it on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, in the garage, or wherever you feel like you need the buzzing of a TV, it is crucial that the design is suitable for this room or area. Most 32-inch TVs come with VESA mounts.

Nevertheless, some do not have the mount option, so make sure you check this out if you want one. Ensuring that you know where you will place that screen before you decide on a purchase will help you utilize it to its best potential. Furthermore, you would like the set to fit and blend fairly seamlessly with the surrounding interior.

What Is The Best 32 Inch TV?

Considering the key specifications listed above and taking into account the options provided, we consider the TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV to be the best 32-inch 1080p TV currently on the market.

For its considerate price, this TV brings more than enough to the table. You would have all the connectivity you can think of with 3 HDMI ports, antenna port, audio out if you feel like jacking in your headphones, old yellow white and red ports to plug in older consoles, even a reset button if your remote does not work.

ROKU OS is a quality operating system for SMART TVs that will allow you to access all your favorite apps such as HBO GO and Netflix, or video streaming whenever you feel like it, powered by the handy Wi-Fi connectivity.

You would not even need an Ethernet cable to connect your TV to the Internet, which means you can easily set it anywhere in your home. Aside from some glaring, the display provides perfect viewing angles. When purchasing your next 32-inch television, you should definitely check out the TCL Roku Smart LED TV as it will not disappoint you.

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