What TV Shows Are on Primetime Tonight? (Answered)

There are so many ways to watch TV these days. It can be hard to decide which way is the best way to enjoy your favorite shows. Many streaming services offer you access to unique content of their own as well as popular TV shows. You could choose to use this method of enjoying television during your free time.

Primetime TV is still considered a viable way to enjoy your favorite TV shows, despite the rise of streaming services. If you pay for a bundled home internet and TV channels package, you will probably have access to primetime listings of various kinds on many channels.

You can see what TV shows are showing on primetime tonight here and here.

What Kinds of Things Are on Primetime TV?

Your cable package and your area can impact what is on TV during primetime watching hours. Nearly any TV with a remote will let you access a TV guide that is right inside the TV app if you want to check out what there is to see on TV at a specific hour. This kind of TV guide is really easy to use and easily replaces the old model of a paper TV guide.

You can count on things like America’s Got Talent, Beat Shazam, and PBS often shows educational items during this timeframe. Chicago Fire is showing on many networks starting at five pm, and there are also lots of reality TV offerings on many networks during this block of TV time. 

Bones and Celebrity Family Feud are also still really popular, and The Real Housewives reality shows are offered on Bravo during peak TV watching hours. You can count on lots of other reality TV being shown by various networks like A&E and BET as well. 

No matter what kind of TV you enjoy, there is probably a network showing you something in your favorite genre during the hours of five to eight at night. While the old practice of hurrying home from school or work to watch your favorite show is less common today, you can still enjoy great TV in the evening hours.

For those with streaming services or the ability to save and record TV to watch later, you can also store up your favorite shows to watch all at once on a weekend or on an evening when you are not as busy as usual. There are so many ways to enjoy TV these days, and there is no wrong way to enjoy primetime TV.

Primetime TV is Alive and Well

Despite the changes to the entertainment industry and the various kinds of TV that are offered on streaming services and regular networks these days, primetime is still king. This is the best time of the day to sit down and watch your favorite shows and relax. Many people still make time to enjoy primetime TV programming, and you can do so as well if you like any of these popular TV shows.

This article was last updated on July 28, 2023 .

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