What TV Shows are On CBS Tonight? (Answered)

If you love to watch TV, you know that CBS offers some of the best content that you can enjoy. Primetime TV is still alive and well, and CBS offers some of the best programming for those who still watch TV in real-time. They also offer some classic TV shows that you cannot enjoy on other networks if you love watching reruns.

If your favorite time of the day to watch TV is the evening, then you need to know what is on CBS each night. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorite shows and that you are ready to make time for them each week.

You can see what TV shows are showing on CBS tonight here and here.

CBS Nighttime Programming That You Need to See

CBS offers episodes of FBI: Most Wanted and Big Brother throughout the week in their evening block of TV. When there is not a current Big Brother show on, they offer reruns and reunions for you to catch up on this content. They also offer 60 Minutes Presents, which is a classic that has been coming on at 8 pm for many, many years now.

The Price is Right at Night is on in the evening block of CBS programming as well as Ghost stories and Ghost-based movies. If you love and miss NCIS, you can still watch it on CBS. There are also NCIS reruns shown at other times of the day on CBS if you are behind on the programming that came before the current seasons of these shows.

48 Hours is another classic evening programming offering that shows up at night on CBS network programming. This show has been a hit for years and continues to be very popular even today. The Equalizer runs on the same nights of programming since it is in the same vein, and many people who like one show like the other just as much.

For those who love The Big Bang Theory, it will be exciting to see Young Sheldon still showing on the network in the evening slots a few times each week. This is often run right after the Big Brother time slot but can be impacted if the current season of Big Brother runs a bit late. CBS is one of the few networks to still run live TV shows like this, and you will need to accommodate for timing changes related to network issues that can crop up from time to time.

CBS Offers Great Programming at Night

If you love watching TV at night, CBS is a great choice for your needs. There are so many amazing shows that are offered on this network each evening that it is a solid option. For those who just want to sit down after work and see shows that they love, there is no better TV network to pick. You can usually access all of the most exciting current shows with the help of CBS, which makes this network a big hit. 

This article was last updated on August 8, 2023 .

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