Why Does My TV Keep Turning Off? (Answered)

If your TV has been turning off when it should not be, you might be getting very frustrated. It can be really annoying to deal with an issue like this as it can affect our ability to get to enjoy your favorite shows and TV content. 

Your TV may keep turning off due to reasons such as a timer setting, overheating, electrical issues, problematic power supply, or faulty internal components. It’s essential to check settings, ensure adequate ventilation, and verify power connections. If issues persist, professional diagnosis and repair might be needed.

If your TV is turning off when it should be on, there are some things that you can check on to figure out why it is acting this way. You might be able to apply a very simple solution to be able to get your TV to stay turned on when you want to use it.

Things to Check if Your TV Keeps Turning Off

  1. Check the Power Cord

While it might seem silly, it is actually very common for the power cord to be jiggled loose or knocked out of the wall, causing your TV to turn off when it should be on. This can happen due to pets that are climbing behind the TV stand, or it can happen over time as the plug walks out of the wall due to vibrations as feet pass by the TV.

  1. Check for Damaged Wires

The wires that connect to your TV or that connect your TV to other devices can sometimes become damaged or might be faulty. This can lead to your TV turning off or seeming to turn off when really it is just not getting a signal from something like a cable box. Checking on the condition of all the wiring associated with your TV setup is key if you are looking to diagnose this kind of problem.

  1. Check TV Settings

Sometimes, you might have set your TV to turn off on a schedule without realizing it. This can happen because TVs are usually made to offer a snooze function that will turn the TV off after a set period of time. While this function is usually used by those who want to fall asleep watching TV, you might have accidentally set this program up when trying to work on another issue with your TV. Checking on the snooze settings can be a big help when it comes to diagnosing this problem.

  1. Do a Factory Reset

If you have been unable to figure out why your TV is turning off all the time, doing a factory reset can be a great idea. This will remove any programming that might have been put into place that you do not want to use, and it can also resolve problems with your TV that might be causing it to behave in a way that is not ideal. This is one of the easiest diagnostic tools that you can use to make sure your TV stops turning off when it should not do so.

Fixing a TV That Turns Off Randomly Doesn’t Have to be Hard

If you are struggling with a TV that turns off when it should not, you can use these tips and tricks to figure out why. If none of these options sort out the issue with your TV, you might need to call out a repairman or someone who can work on the warranty for you.

This article was last updated on September 5, 2023 .

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